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901 North Westview

A deluxe 2 bedroom, 3 bath home with basement; 2-car garage, quality construction. We care for the grounds, snow removal & building upkeep. Major appliances furnished & maintained.   \Water paid & a safe environment.

For more information on this life lease or rental opportunity, call (785) 243-2720

This retirement community gives retired persons the opportunity to stay close to home without all the pressure of keeping up a house and property. Under the life lease the upkeep on the home is taken care of by the Sunset Home maintenance staff, arrangements can be made to eat in the Sunset dining room and they can also take advantage of companionship. It gives the retiree the independence of ownership

without the responsibility of upkeep,maintenance or yard work. Yards are landscaped with underground programmable sprinkler systems to reduce labor. 

West View on 8th