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Our nursing center offers long and short-term stay options with a high level of medical care in a comfortable, home-like setting.

Long-term care residents can choose from private or semi-private rooms with access to common areas and daily activities. In consultation with the resident, family, and physician, trained staff develop a care plan and services focusing on the specific needs of each resident and their family. These may include on-site therapy, personal hygiene, and special diets.

Sunset Home is the ideal short-term stay for those who have undergone surgery, hospitalization, or a joint replacement and want to recover in a warm and friendly environment. Our nursing staff is available 24/7 and our on-site therapy team will help you recuperate so you can return home or increase your independence.

Resident Spotlight


We came to Sunset Home for the therapy and stayed because we felt God brought us here. Being together is our biggest blessing.”