Our staff is committed to teamwork, professionalism, open communication, learning and improvement, industry best practices, and service and care that goes above and beyond regular responsibilities.

Simon Madondo
Administrator, ext. 111
Caitlan Ryser
Chief Financial Officer and Assisted Living Operator, ext. 120
Tara Trickle
Director of Nursing, ext. 123
Loni Kindel
Assistant Director of Nursing, ext. 114
Tara Koch
Assisted Living Nurse, ext. 116
Tanya Martin
Rehab Director/ PTA, ext. 122
Kambree Folk
Activities Director, ext. 125
Brylee Judy
Marketing Director, ext. 128
Kevin Klima
Maintenance Co-Director, ext. 121
Shaun Brooks
Maintenance Co-Director, ext. 121
Liz Gomez
Social Services Director, ext. 118
Heriberta Genereux
Environmental Services Director
Ashley Price
Dietary Manager, ext. 117

Our Restorative Team


Sunset Home has a new and improved Restorative program that will focus on residents’ quality of life and quality of care in our long-term care facility.  The restorative program is to ensure that the residents’ overall abilities of daily living do not diminish by a trained Nurse and aides that have techniques that promote resident involvement in the activities. Our restorative aides have multiple years of experience with restorative therapy.  Activities include games and exercises that focus on range of motion, maintaining strength and stability.  The restorative program also is one of the best and holistic programs that promote good mental health for each patient and receiving one on one individualized care. Residents are offered this program 7 days of the week and group activities are available.  Weather permitting residents are also taken outside as frequently as possible for individualized exercise.  Anyone can be admitted on to the restorative program. Please contact us with any questions!